Lately I’ve just been moping and crying and sitting in a corner watching netflix and crying some more and I felt like I needed it….I haven’t cried in months and I feel every so often it’s good to have a period of time to let it all out but i need to start focusing on the good in my life and start dealing with the fact that I don’t need friends or boyfriends. I don’t have either so I kinda HAVE to deal with it. I’m saving up for a tattoo soon, with overtime picking up and everything. I really want a tardis tattoo. I’m going to pamper myself whenever I can and try and avoid negative situations and people

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The Most Beautiful Love Quotes
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he was a boy

she was a girl

can i make it any more heteronormative

he was a punk, she did ballet

why couldnt they be gay

He wanted girls, she’d never tell,
But secretly she wanted girls as well


pro tip: don’t be my friend or else i will become annoyingly clingy and emotionally attached to you and you can’t escape ever

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